Our company was established in 1972 and we operate in the moulding of plastic items, particularly relating technical articles and moulds manufacturing.
Our thermoplastic department, equipped with a production line of 25 injection horizontal presses, is specialized in the moulding of any type of thermoplastic material.
To improve and satisfy the requests of our customers, during the years we have constantly kept our factory update with technological innovation, so that we are equipped with completely computerized and automated injection presses for various weights.
Our mechanical department is equipped with the complete tooling machinery for moulds manufacturing, including CAD/CAM and takes care of the maintenance.
Our staff is able to match with high professionalism, precision and versatility the different requests of the customers.
Moreover ,our technical-commercial department offers to the customers a complete assistance in phase of product development. study of the moulds and in the choice of the most suitable thermoplastic materials.
Our priority targets have always been:
The best quality, Competitiveness and High standard of service. That’s our business Strategy! DALMASS PLASTIK has always kept such a philisophy and nowaday we can look forward with optimism to the challenges and the oppurtunities of the market.